Record Suspension (Pardon)

The new word for “Pardon” is “Record Suspension”. The goal of record suspension is to have your criminal record kept separate and apart from other criminal records.

The procedure is usually long and complex and sometimes the result can be disappointing. With Transcanada Pardon Services, the procedure is simplified. Your advisor will make sure your file is presented in a way so all delays can be avoided with as much chance to be accepted as possible. Make sure your request is in compliance with the Parole Board of Canada by using the services of Transcanada Pardon Services.

Transcanada Pardon Services: a reliable business

We provide support services to individuals applying for a record suspension (pardon) or a US entry waiver.

As the procedures for these applications are often complex, our extensive experience in these fields will greatly facilitate the process. Our work is carried out with complete transparency and your eligibility is assessed before you need to pay any significant fees.

Our services are available throughout Canada at prices that are more than competitive.

First appointment is free

  • Benefit from our team of advisors and their years of experience
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