voyager avec casier judiciaire

Traveling to the United States with a criminal record

So you’re taking a trip to the United States. You’ve dreamed of this for so long! Unfortunately, you’ve got a criminal record… and that complicates matters. Can you imagine anything more frustrating and embarrassing than being turned away at the American border in front of your family?

This is an unfortunate reality for many. The United States of America has the right to refuse entry to citizens of any other country, even those without a criminal record… so imagine traveling with one!

If you have a previous record, but still want to run the risk of planning a trip to the United States, be aware that no legal recourse will be available to you if you are refused entry. For example, in its general conditions of sale, Air Transat clearly stipulates: “A previous criminal record could result in denied entry into the U.S. or in other countries.” Most tour operators and carriers have similar conditions. Keep in mind that cancellation insurance is unlikely to apply in this situation, because a criminal record is considered to be a pre-existing condition.

* In the Journal de Montréal: Quebecer denied access to Florida-bound flight is granted no refund on his ticket.

Transcanada Pardon Services can streamline your US travel experience

Even with a criminal record, you can still enjoy the freedom to travel to the United States! Our team will ensure a hassle-free entry into the U.S. Transcanada Pardon Services simplifies pardon requests (criminal record suspension requests) and can help you arrange a lift of the US Entry Waiver.

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